Chasing Heartbeats

Kate Evangelista Teen fiction

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On his return to school, Knox Patterson has three goals. Catch up with school work. Find a sport because his psychologist made it a condition of his return. And find a girlfriend so he can lose his virginity.

Enter Erika Hamilton, the hot new girl who also happens to be the manager of the Shields—the school’s soccer team. After scoring a goal that Knox has no memory of making during PE, she convinces him to try out in return for a date. Unfortunately for him, the date is a disaster. Coincidentally, he makes it onto the team.

By some miracle, Knox keeps scoring impossible goals, which leads him to believe he’s possessed.


Tags: E-sportOpposites AttractSecond ChanceHighschoolGentleBadgirlSensitiveFootball PlayerSportsmanDrama
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Chapter Thirty-Seven

            I hold up over my face a silvernecklace with a soccer ball pendant. The rhinestones that represent the whiteof the ball catch the light, glinting like the stars in the sky the night Erikaand I first kissed. I bought it a couple of days ago at the mall, Erika on……