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The incest

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"The heart craves what he wants... And Esteban wanted only his younger sister to be his, and he would do anything to make that happen... Even if he used forgery to change her last name!"

Sherry was looking at her older brother as if he was a god! She admired him; differently, she didn't know back then that her feelings were wrong because it felt so right. She wanted Esteban the powerful man to be her man, not her only brother... And she would do anything to trap him in her bed... But was that easy?


I pressed her head to my chest and tapped her back gently "we can't be with each other as lovers. But we will be sister and brother forever." I smiled at her.

She shook her head and inhaled and exhaled, "we could be lovers but in secret. Let it be a secret. Please."

I spaced out for a while thinking about what did she just say "secret lovers?! You mean that… no, I can't touch you! You are my sister. I can't do that to you."

I shook my head in disagreement to that idea.

She pushed me slightly and stepped away, she raised her brows "then you will let someone else take my virginity and pleasure me in bed?" she asked me seductively withpetitive eyes.

"Fuck! Are you still a virgin?!" I cleared my throat dumbfounded.

She didn't know that she was adopted, But deep ide her, she was sure that he can't be her brother... And she was right...


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