Her vision, His heart


Toni Michelle Romance

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One of the most sought after legal attorneys in New Orleans, Salena Dupre made it her mission to defend those less fortunate, and be a voice for those whom could no longer speak for themselves. Gifted with the gift of sight, (psychic ability), which her grandmother referred as the third eye, is the secret Salena has kept since childhood, that has played a major role in her success, for which she only has used for good. To touch someone or something personal belonging to them would allow her to see things within their lives, also to reveal their truths or secrets. For her this gift has been a blessing and curse. She lived a very secluded life out- side of the courthouse, until she decided to take on a rape case, that would put her against Wayne Lowmax and very successful attorney from New York who flew in to defend his frat brother of whom is being accused. The battel between the two in the courtroom will not compare to their battle outside of the courtroom due to their pending attraction for each other.


Tags: second chancefriends to loverskickass heroinepowerfuldramabisexualmysteryspiritual
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Long Night

     By the third hour, Selena was over this gathering. Some of the people in attendance held more skeletons than the average body. She and Wayne sat in the corner of his fathers office, greeting those who would come in, only to have Selena touch them and reveal some of their secrets. For them both, it was the most entertainment t……


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