The Mafiuso (Book One)

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"I'm not a man whom you consider me to become, I'm an asshole. Heartless killer" He hissed

"I won't kiss on your fucking forehead when I came back from work like any other fucking-happily-in-love-man" He dropped his hands down 'there' under my fully soaked panties and poked my cunt aggressively I want you, sitting in a hallway, whilst waiting for my arrival, with spread legs and showing off your creamy p***y for me on full display" He caressed his wet fingers coated in my own thick c*m on my lips.

"And" He smiled sinisterly when his tough rough and giant hands cupped
my round boobs tenderly, pinching yet circling my now wide awaken perky rose-pink nipples through his thumb "I want your boobs sagging and bowing down in respect when I return from work" He whispered Huskily...

"GOT IT, my fucking s**t?" He tucked loose strand behind my ear softly and left the room before throwing his earth-shattering wink on my way...


Warning: This book is not what you have already read on Dreame, it will contain a lot of harsh languages, mature contents, abusive s*x plots... Highly recommend for 1*+



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