Taboo Series - Falling for my step brother


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When Lilith's mother Anna meets a mysterious stranger, Marcus online, she is quick to fall in love. She was left a broken woman after her first husband William cheated on her and left her and her teenage daughter behind. Lilith tried to help her mother to pull her life back together but she could not love her the was Marcus could, so without consulting her, Anna remarries to the mysterious stranger, dragging Lilith along for the ride.

Lilith is not happy with the new twist in her already messed up life. She has to leave everything she knows behind and move to a different country so that her mother can finally be happy. When she meets Lucas, her new step brother, she knows that the feelings she has for him are wrong. Can she fight against them or will she give in to temptation?


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Chapter thirty six


*Six years later*

"No that won't work. Move my meeting with Johnson to six and then put Peters at four." I said in my authoritative tone that I have now mastered.

"What if Johnson can't make six?" My assistant asked in her usual worried tone. She really needed to work on that.

"Of he doesn't move his meeti……