Creatures of the Mist

Stella Purple Paranormal

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(Book #3 of The Creatures Series)

Life is absurd without an enemy. They can be anywhere, be anything. But a true enemy may always be by your side, even in sweet dreams. So when will the mask of mist be revealed? It's not like a bleeding heart can be stopped when there’s no scar.

Stella Purple presents.... The Creatures Series continues in this third book, Creatures of the Mist. Follow Arsene’s story in this not-so-fairytale world of mist.


Tags: Dark
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Seventeenth Mist
Seventeenth Mist

Creatures of the Mist

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##### Seventeenth Mist #####


It feels like there is this dark void that is eating me from the inside core, and from time to time my branches shriveled to the ground. And that is when I see hope.