Vengeance Of The Mafia Leader

DJ Romance

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(Caution :- Conta 21+ mature content and violence)
Amy have everything that a girl wants, in her life a loving family, a loving fiancé, Money, Power and everything, that she desires.She was like an innocent girl who believed in everyone. It was her wedding day ,but how did this happy occasion turn out to be the last day of her life . Kris was the man who was the love of her life but he was the same person, who f****d himself on her in front of his friends. He said to his friends, " If you want you can also enjoy her. One by one or all at once, I don't care. "
She blurted out "If there is something like second chance , I pray that you will be die, 100 times worse than me ,Kris."

Same day same time on other place . Kate was the leader, of the Mafia, who only knows how to kill and how to get the things she wants. She have thousands of enemies, but she didn't care one bit. She don't trust people easily.she was cold as ice.She was on her balcony with her red wine ,but someone pushed her of the balcony, she didn't saw that person face, but she made an oath to herself, that if she will get another chance ,she will kill that person with her bare hand.When she woke up ,she found herself in the body of some fragile looking girl.


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