Mated For Revenge

bellasonline Vampire/Werewolf

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[Is it just revenge? Is it love? She is confused and so is he! ]

"I don't know what you keep blathering about, you psycho." I say as I bare my teeth at him. He gives me a look, this placid and cool look, like he was not illegally transporting me in his old, stupid truck.

"Oh, honey, I am not going to let those innocent eyes fool me. I know girls like you."

"Girls like me? The only thing I know is guys like you should be inside an asylum. Not wandering around, harming young girls."

"Shut up, you little--"

"Or?" I star at him and his eyes flit to my lips. His amber brown eyes make me feel weird things I don't want to feel. I am not supposed to feel, right now. What is wrong with me?

"Or I will throw you in the trunk."

Okay. That made me shut up!

20. Isobel's birthday party is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to make her laugh, giggle and scream in surprise. It's supposed to be a great day, with her two best friends.

Instead, here she is, feeling trapped, feeling bewildered as the guy in front of her looks at her into her eyes. Here she is, feeling her world tilting upside down as he grabs her hand and tells her to walk. Here she is, being kidnapped by a hot, sexy stranger.

A girl like her, invisible and not-beautiful, and with baggage, so many emotional baggage, needs to have one birthday party without a mishap. Only one birthday party. It is not too much to ask, is it?

And here she is, being lodged inside the car like a stupid suitcase with a stupid guy, who keeps telling her things she can't understand.


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2. A Guy Like Him

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