Marrying Mr. Arrogant

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"What are you doing here?" I hiss through clenched teeth, stepping closer so that nobody is able to hear.

He smirks but speaks in a harsh tone.
"I know I'm irresistible. But, did you really have to beg my dad to get me married to you?"

"Beg your Dad? Who the hell do you think you are?" I almost scream in frustration.

Ignoring me, he continues,
"Congratulations, your dream has come true. I'm your husband now. But don't ever expect me to act like one."

I huff, the sound low and mocking.
"A guy like you doesn't deserve to be called a husband."

~ ~ ~

Ayra goes to Edinburgh as a gift from her father for her twenty-fourth birthday.

A few months after she comes back, her parents get to know about the grave sin that she has committed.

Once a complete, merry family has now crumbled to pieces.

Ayra knows that nothing can ever be the same with her family.

So, when her father asks her to marry the son of the biggest entrepreneur of Pakistan, she agrees without even seeing him.

Her husband isn't what she expected. Not only is he the guy responsible for the mess in her life, he's also the father of her child.

Although he's arrogant and they definitely never get along, he's broken and full of dark secrets that are better left unshared.

She knows that at some point she has to share her own secret.

But will their relationship after that get better or worse?

Read to find out!


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