En Garde Daddy

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Amira's marriage ended in a heart breaking divorce. Now she is moving to NYC with her young son for a fresh start. She is excited , yet cautious. Then she meets Donnie who seems to be the opposite of everything she has ever wanted in a man, yet she is falling for him. When he introduces her to his lifestyle she gets scared, but is also intrigued. Will she stay and be his sub, or will she run?


Tags: BDSMPossessiveBWWMLove after MarriageDominantSubmissiveGentleSingle MotherSportsmanSweetBxG
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You're mine

Chapter 41


    I felt frozen. How could he? I knew Max had some sneaky and evil ways but this took the cake. I was really feeling embarrassed. Shawn nodded in understanding. "Go home. This won't be resolved today and I have a few leads to follow up on that. You look like you need some time to yourself."  I nodde……