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What are the chances that your dream guy would stop at nothing just to be with you for one night?

Elizabeth Morgan had plenty of chances, but the dream guy chasing for her had one flaw. He just so happened to be a major fuckboy. Connor Owens had one goal for his senior year, and that was to have slept with each girl at least once in their grade. Not only was he going to stop at nothing to be with Elizabeth for one night, but also the entire female portion of his class. Elizabeth also had a goal, which was to not give in to Connor's charming ways. She ends up with more of a challenge than she was hoping for as she becomes the final target on Connor's list.


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Ellie and I were preparing for the party, and much to my dismay, Ellie wouldn't allow me to wear what I was wearing to school. Something about, "Even though you're going to break up with Connor, doesn't mean you have to look like garbage while doing it." I went along with Ellie, trying my best to take my mind off of things.

I changed into ……