IT'S ONLY YOU (Book One)


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Imagine this, the boy who you hate the most is trapped with you in the class for as long as someone gets you both out. You have to survive his cocky attitude, his stupidly handsome face and arrogant smirks the entire time. Not to mention his infuriating over the top exaggerations.

Definitely fun right?

Welcome to Anna's life. This is her story.


Tags: billionairelove-triangleopposites attractarrogantbadboydramacomedybxggxgfriends with benefits
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Sequel Announcement!


Yes you heard it right! This story is getting a sequel. Anna and Tylor story is not done yet :))

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who felt connected to this story somehow and supported it. If anything you all made me pursue the idea of sequel. 

The story ……