Loving the Dead


Beas Fantasy

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She's weak
He's strong
She's known for her kindness
He's the cruelest to be ever born
She's a nobody
He's the king
She's alive
He is not

For centuries the war has been held back...
For centuries they have been without a king or a queen
For centuries they have been without each other
And now that they finally met, the war has started...The Great Supernatural War
Percy has to sort out her priorities and balance both lives, keeping it in mind that she has to save both the worlds


Tags: sexwitch/wizardwittysupernature earthrebirth/rebornsupernaturalwarweak to strongnaiveshy
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Chapter IX- Angelo

Every thing felt dizzy for a moment. When my vision finally cleared I saw Hades' in front of me, with a gloomy look on his face. I looked around to see a middle aged woman. Every thing came rushing back to me. 

The diner, Hades, the hotel room, our past.

"What happened?" I voiced out my concerns.

"I really don't know what ……