Born of the Moon


Zan Jordan LGBT+

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Caramia had the title of Alpha thrust upon her when her father and Alpha was killed while protecting his territory, but in order to show her pack that she has what it takes to bear the title she must go though with a marriage that has long since been arranged for her. There is only one problem, she is not attracted to men. Only one thing can change her fate and allow her not to go through with the marriage, finding her mate.

Excerpt from Born of the Moon:

Drool drips from her muzzle as she snarls viciously, looking too savage for such a beautiful wolf. She is trying to bait me into shifting, trying to anger my wolf. I quickly assess her size. I am pretty sure her wolf is considerably smaller than me. 

My wolf is large for a female, even one with Alpha blood. She even towers over some of the smaller warriors, but you certainly wouldn't know it from looking at my human form. I won’t give her the satisfaction of shifting before she makes this into a fight neither of us can back away from. 

I take in the rabid look of her and can’t help but wonder if she’d win in an altercation. She seems like the kind of fighter than knows how to hold her own, how to fight not only with power, but technique. How to sniff out an opponents weakness and use it against them.


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Chapter 34: Family


My wolf was whining within me as I stared at my Mate, a soft malicious growl on her lips. “Let me help you.” I whisper through that bond. “Please, Malyka. I love you.”

Something in her eyes changes at my words and her growl turns into a whine. She looks away and I take the opportunity to advance, shifting back ……