You're my destiny (completed)

Ankita Ghosh Romance

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Sharanya Bisth : a 20 years old girl who has lost her parents when she was 10 years old. Her uncle and aunt has raised her. But what happens when she meets a singer accidentally and he fall for her? But she can't accept him or his love but why? want to know then read the story

Vyom Bedi: a 27 years old famous singer who never loved anyone
But what happened when he saw a beautiful girl and fall for her but she rejected his love for a resson..

What will happen when they will part away but will meet again in an unexpected circumstances? Will they ever be able to be together?

Wanted to know then read this story...


Tags: PossessiveSexHinduSecond ChanceSingerProstituteSoap OperaDramaDreameSeed2019BxG
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Author's pov

9 months later

Sharanya is sitting in the balcony. And caressing her baby bump. Yes she is pregnant any day thier baby will be born they are waiting for it.

vani has given birth to a baby boy and his name is Sahil

They are really happy with each other. Bu……