My Mafian Brother

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Elle has lived her entire life, well as long as she can remember, with her mother but her mother's dying wish is for Elle to live with her brother, Demian, whom she doesn't even remember and also happens to be a mafian boss.

This story is not incest. At all.
“Demian!!! Stop! Where are you taking me?!” He stopped and turned around, “Somewhere to teach you a lesson.”
Not listening to anything he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder effortlessly while I resisted but he didn’t budge.
“What’s this?” I asked standing in the middle of the hotel room Demian had booked for the night, not just any room, a luxury room designed especially for adults.
“A stage for you. Why don’t you give me a special performance?” He went and sat on the king sized bed looking at me as I stood there in confusion by the pole “Why? What’s wrong? Isn’t pole dancing what you’re good at?”
wrong? Isn’t pole dancing what you’re good at?”
“I-aa, why do I have to do it for you?” His gaze turned colder as I asked the question. I was already panicking enough that he found me out but now he was demanding a dance?!
“Why? Because I paid for you.”


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