The Love Deal with Mr. Player

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Emotions run wild, sparks fizzles as they try to Fight their growing attraction and try to be the one who wins this. But how can they win this love without losing each other first?


"Make me fall in love with you and I will never bother you again." Says Asher, her enemy. He looks hot as hell, but his heart is like those of the devil's, rotting in the hell.

"But, I won't even be here next year." Liana complains as she stares at him, her ex-childhood-friend.

"Are you afraid, then? Boo. So bad." He says as he chuckles at her.

"Done, you smug jerk." She saysm

Oh. What has she gotten herself into?!

Making a deal with an arrogant guy is difficult. Making a love deal with the same? It is complicated. Here are the few pointers to win a deal, with your ex-childhood best friend, who has grown in to a handsome, arrogant ass.

1. Cook for him and make sure it's a mess. If it makes him sick, all the better.
2. Buy him a gift. It is better if it is something really cuddly.
3. Ignore him completely, when he starts to notice you.
4. Go on a date with the new guy and get caught while you're trying to kiss
5. And finally, get yourself kidnapped.

His heart, body and soul will be yours to keep.

As Liana tries to make Asher fall for her, just so she can humiliate him, she realizes she isn't the right person for the job. She needs the help of her friends and a little bit of luck. But what she needs most is restraint; the love deal has more fine print than she has gambled for.



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18. Nightmares

Chapter 18. Nightmares

~Some nights, I am too tired of screaming for help. ~

“Asher, don’t leave me.” I cried. He was far away from me. I reached to touch him, but all I reached was a thick glass separating us. I stood there, panting and crying. 

Then something chang……