Corrupted By the Bad Boy

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Cora and Colton are the definition of opposites attract. Coraes from a wealthy, strict family who put pressure on her to be the best, and that was OK but everyone has their breaking point. Everything bes to much for her and Colton shows her there is more to life than trying to be perfect.

Colton is the bad boy, hees from a broken home, a mother who took her own life and a father who uses him as his own personal punch bag. He has his own ways of dealing with it. Drink, drugs, girls and getting into trouble, he never lets anyone close, no one knows how is life really is, until Cora, she changes everything.

All Colton wanted was to be the one that made the good girl bad, show her a life of everything she never thought she would do. And he does exactly that. Cora finds herself bing corrupted by the bad boy.

Not everything as it seems, neither of them realizing how much they were gonna change each others life's. He only wanted from her what no one else has had...she wanted to feel free and finally learn how to live but what they never expected it would be more than that, them bing something the other never knew they needed or wanted.

Extract :

“That is bullshit! I think you need to make a new set of rules for yourself.” I said
“It aint that simple especially when I am living in my sisters shadow.” She said

I don’t understand why she needs to be like her sister? Why can’t she just be herself?

“Why do you need to be her? Maybe try being who you wanna be.” I said


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