Saved By A Bully


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I am running as faster as I can. Some men are running behind me. I do not want to get caught by them. No one on the road is there in the middle of the night.

As I crossed that dark alley, my eyes fell on a motorbike which is coming in my direction. I ran toward that motorbike with the hope that the person might save me from those guys. The biker halted his motorbike to see me coming.

I ran toward the person and stuttered with tears in my eyes, “P-please h-help m-me.” I am shaking in terror and sweating miserably.

I told him breathless whose helmet is still on, saying, “T-they a-are c-coming. P-please.” I am pleading to him helplessly.

I started crying when I heard those men said out, “There she is. You made us run for so long, little girl. Now come to us. We are going to have a good time with you.”

No! God! I have to go back to my daughter.

Then I screamed out in horror when I heard a gun firing by my side.
I looked at the biker and my eyes widened to see his face. The infamous and most feared bully, the boy from senior year, in my school. He was staring at the goons with his cold green eyes with holding a gun in his hand. The school bully saved me!

- - -

Escaping from her country, Anastasia came to NY with a baby girl of nearly six months. She went to an aunt’s home to stay there with her sister's baby and continue her study at a reputable school where she applied for her scholarship.

Her world turned upside down when her path crossed with the infamous bully, Eleanor Knight, the second son and an heir of the Knight Empire who hates girls who are willing to go to any extent to gain attention from rich guys.

Anastasia heard rumors where everyone says Eleanor and his friends enjoyed beating up people and make them suffer in the worst possible way. Her thought changed when she gets to see the real Eleanor who can do anything to keep Anastasia and her little girl, safe with his life.


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Chapter 59 : Danger Calling

She was crying hysterically. Eleanor held her shivering body firmly, saying, "Anastasia, calm down. Sit there," She was shaking her head in denial, stammering with a whimper, "No. c...could t...they t...this to us?" He was trying to stop her, but she was lost and couldn't hear what he was telling her. 

Exhaling sharply,……