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What a wonderful day 😄😄😄" I exclaims when I got up from my bed I slip my feet into my pair of pink slippers, and make my way out of my room to dad's room. I open the door and rushed in he was still fast asleep. I jumped on the bed as I hold him trying to shake the sleep off him
"daddy ,daddy"!! Wake up its morning already I don't want to be late I said between happiness and urge.
Dad shot his eyes opened when I shakes him that way and his gaze just settle on me
"Good morning dad" I said smiling like who won a prize car contest
"Good morning my princess how was your night" he asked as he sat up and uses his right hand to brush my hair backward
I just couldn't wait to dress up and leave this house this morning "dad its morning" I replied ignoring his question
I See my little princess is happy today anyway " happy birthday darling " he said with a smile
Thanks dad I replied he draw closer to me and peck me on my fore head
" you should go get ready and come out I got some surprises for you"
Really?? I ask
"Yes" was its short reply
I jumped up and ran to back to my room, sorry for the late introduction my name is Mario William Walter and my dad is Mr William walter
We live a simple life together and today 24th may its my birthday and dad promise to take me outing across town a place he once think he remember Going there with mum...blah! dad said mum left us he couldn't recall how they divorce I think he's experiencing memory lost because most times he recall impossible things that are weird to the hearings, even thought she left most times I still wish I am with her according to grandma NaNa mum left when I was just a month old so I don't think I even experience a mother care maybe I did for a month.
"welcome to my world of fantasy in reality". I dashed into the bathroom with a bathrobe and shut the door behind me.
I drew myself sluggishly out of bed looking tired from yesterday hard day, I balance my stand before heading for my bathroom.reaching the door post I hold the knob and wyine down as it opened and I step in. I saw myself through the mirror looking unkept with drools designing my face." how embarrassing to have Mario see me like this!" I said under my breath. stripping naked my muscular fitted body and six pack came to view through the mirror.
I stepped into the bathtub filled with water with a cold temperature and lie still facing the ceiling as the coldness of the water drifted all my worries away. not long than a minute everything went blank.


Tags: revengedarkzombiebosstragedyheavyseriousstraighthigh-tech worldcrime
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