Shadow wolves: Virgin mate (Book 3) - Complete


Ella Meriwether Romance

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Finding out that you are the only human in a group of werewolves makes life pretty interesting. Finding out that one of them is your mate and their traditions scare the hell out of you when you are a virgin... that's just a whole new level of interesting.

But when your mate is handsome, tall, dark, and patient, how can you resist him? Star never dreamt that she would have a fairy tale of her own, until she met Luc, but she is scared of what he might do after hearing the stories about wolf men. Luc just wants to treasure his precious little human, but she is so damn stubborn!


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It is a beautiful day. Rudi was the first out the back door of the house, followed by Blake who was forever in competition with his father, Christian and Harold were still waking up.


“Come on boys!” He shouted. “We only get this one day! Don’t waste it.”


“We know dad. We w……