The Evil King and The Werewolf Princess Hostage


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It had been 20 years since Isabelle had defeated the Rogue Alpha and saved the kingdom from his cruelty and evil plans.. or so every one thought.

Life was amazing for Isabelle and Jake they had three pups o in boys aged five who were a handful and their eldest a daughter who had just turned 18 was about to officially mate with her childhood best friend and her beloved fated mate - who just so happened to be the son of Jake's and Isabelle's closest friends ...and the prince of the Werewolf kingdom.

As the kingdom gathered for the mating ceremony of the prince and daughter of the legendary protectors of the realm just before the happy couple can seal the vow with their blood oaths the hall floor beg to melt away , the sta glass windows shatter and the heavy oak doors burst open and Cian the long ago banish Warlock and Witch King makes a dramatic entrance with none other than Damien walking by his side.

Cian after been freed enty years ago has finally grown strong enough to come for vengeance and plans to decimate the Werewolf Kingdom, he however needs the Blood of an ancestor of King Kasbian to be spilt on the night of a eclipse in o week's time to complete a powerful spell, so he takes the princes mate hostage and promises to trade her in return for the princes surrender in o week's time.

Will the prince give himself up for his mate, the future princess ?

And even if he does will the Evil King free her or be tempted by her beauty and spirit and keep her forever as his dark Queen ?


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