Her Mate Dilemma


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Book 4 of the Silver Moon Series
Alexandria Biloxi is the second born daughter to Andre and Coralanna Biloxi. She grew up under the protection of the Forest Pack, where she not only trained with the warriors, but also learned how to use her witch powers from her mum. She is a very confident and skilled hybrid, who only wants to find her mate and start a family.
Not long before she reached the age of maturity, Alexandria and her sister Jasmine cast the same Mate Spell that Andrea and Jada made when they were pups. However, the spell backfires on Alexandria, when both her fated mate and her spell mate show up at the annual Celebration of Mates that is held at her home pack.
How will Alexandria choose which mate she should be with, when one of her mates is a werewolf that she has always had a small crush on, and her other mate is a strong and gorgeous Beta who could easily protect her from anything.
Follow Alexandria as she faces the problem head on and attempts to make the best choice to suit all of their needs.


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    Since I no longer had a mate dilemma, and the Pine Tree Pack's territory was protected, I was able to truly enjoy life again.  Both of my mates were wonderful, and we all loved being in a mate trio together.  

    None of us felt the need to get married and have ……