What’s Left of the moon


Emma Danielle Fantasy

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My name is Adeline Collins. I am the daughter of the most powerful Alpha and Luna.
We have many enemies, they want to see our family fall. My father has always taught me its better to have our enemies follow us. We aren’t the most feared pack, but we are powerful in family and strength in numbers. We have almost five thousand pack members. Going back almost two years, on my sixteenth birthday, my wolf had awakened. It was supposed to be a amazing day, to celebrate our birthday together. My family had come to my room to wake me up and they couldn’t. I wasn’t breathing. My heart had stopped in my sleep. I was announced dead on site.

My name is Dayton, I’m 25 now and still she hasn’t made her self known, I say that but I really searched for her too and couldn’t find her. I’ve already taken over my fathers pack but my uncle is stepping down soon and needs me to take over seeing as they don’t have kids, it’s left to me, they are getting older now and they should have stepped down a while ago. Since I didn’t meet my mate when I was 18, it’s made me a cold angry person. It’s been 7 years and nothing, but family and work has distracted me.


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