Daddy's Baby-2

Little One Fantasy

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This is a sequel to the book Daddy's Baby. To those who have read the first book, this book will answer questions like why did Carlos decide to kidnap Sansa in the first place? Also, there is a new man in Penny's life which is a crossover character from another book on Dreame! :) Tell me if you can recognize him and also what do you think about it? <3


Tags: PossessiveSexKidnapLove after MarriageDDLGSecond ChanceSensitiveMafiaDramaBxG
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Bonus Chapter

A bonus chapter for my Team Carlos! Enjoyy! :)

"I dunn wanttt itttt!!!" She is trashing in my arms, trying to get off. She tries gliding off my laps and I pull her up again. I caught her after running around the house after her for twenty minutes. 

"Sansa, stop moving like that. You look mighty funny." We laugh. We are ……