Kathrine Kayz Fantasy

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"Mama wake up!! You are scaring me"

I shook her on her bad as tears streamed down my cheeks.

"Mama please"

I looked at her pale face,her eyes were shut,her lips purple,her skin cold.
I got up and ran out screaming.

"Help me please! mother isn't waking up!" I ran to the market place.
The people looked at me like I was crazy.

"Ignore her,she's obviously too poor,that's how she makes a living,by laying so people could pity her and give her some money" a rich woman said.

"I will help you young girl"

I looked at the fat man and nodded.

"Show me the way,and please call me duke Edward"
I looked at him gratefully and pointed the way.


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Chapter 48

Snow's p.o.v

I was so happy to stand in front of Rin, it was like a dream, even when the guards knocked on our door and told us everything and how we had to return, i had no time to pack anything, i quickly got in the carriage and forced beth and Chris to get in too without packing or getting anything.