Miss Lindi Paranormal

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Aella was abandoned as a child and raised by an older couple from another Pack as her own was destroyed. Her foster father was a cruel drunk while her foster mother loved her as her own. As an orphan raised by Omegas and a latent wolf , Aella was teased and bullied all her life. The only support she ever had was from her foster mother and her best friend, Evander. Evander's father is a Beta in their Pack and his whole family cares for Aella.

When Aella finally meets her mate, the vicious and notorious Alpha heir of the Ares Pack, Cayden she hopes her luck will finally turn around. However, Cayden is a cruel man with only power on his mind. He hates his weak latent mate but needs her to get the Alpha title.

Will Aella find love with her mate or will the pain and suffering continue?


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Ch 4. Aella's Truth

"Aella!" Evander's voice broke my lust ridden trance as I turned to look at him. "What the fuck Aella! We need to go home right now!"

Cayden grip on me tightened as he pushed me behind his towering frame protectively. "Mine!" He snarled, taking an aggressive fighting stance towards Evander. Evander looked like he had a suicide mission and ……