The Billionaire's Assistant To Be

ShafiraS Billionaire

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He would have never hired her. One glance at that woman and you could just tell she was trouble. Scarlett Archer being his new assistant stirred up lots of things at the office and not in a good way. When his mother decided it was time for him to get married and preferably to her friend's daughter Lucian Starr decided that maybe the sassy new assistant is just what he needed to get out of this match-making disaster. Little did he know that Scarlett Archer is dealing with her own problems which are a bit more pressing than a meddling mom.


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Lily was peering into the crib, staring at the sleeping baby with wide eyes. Lucian couldn't hide his smile, it was too damn cute seeing how fascinated Lily was with her niece. He held Violet in his arms who was more fascinated about his tie.

"She sleeps all the time," Lily whined.

"Babies sleep a lot, sweetheart."