The Alpha Calls Me Cupcake

KolaDaKoala Romance

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Caught up in a totally different world Madison has a lot of obstacles to face before she can find her right place on earth, with a heartbreaking truth to face and two dangerously handsome beasts ready to sweep her off her feet this snarky, sarcastic and unbearably funny lady is about to have the time of her life.
But who was she to fear what the future held, as long as she had cupcakes in her grasp everything else would fall into place.

Or so she thought.


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12. How do werewolves mate?

Werewolves would normally mate by sinking their teeth into the neck of the mate and then pissing on them                

As soon as history class started the professor, whose name is Professor. Mistur, decided to give us a quiz to test how ……