Puppy Love for Christmas

Kate Evangelista Romance

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Christopher Wakefield hasn't come home for sixteen years and in the close-knit town of Trevor, not coming home is a big no no. It takes his assistant conspiring with his parents just to get him home for the holidays. On his first day back he runs into Sabrina Fairbanks, the girl he grew up with and has feelings for.

He discovers that she is now the vet in town and runs the local animal shelter. In order to show her his feelings, he volunteers at the shelter and even helps get people to attend the Adopt-a-Thon she has organized on Christmas Eve. But despite her growing feelings for Christopher, Sabrina knows that nothing can happen between them since his life is in San Francisco.

Coming home becomes more than just spending the holidays with his family for Christopher. He realizes that there is no place like home. He helps Sabrina realize her dream of expanding the shelter and convinces her that he wants to build a life with her in Trevor, where his company will be building a new research and development laboratory.

PUPPY LOVE FOR CHRISTMAS is the cutest holiday novel you will ever read. Not only because there are so many cute puppies and kittens in it. Its pages are filled with fun holiday activities and finding love along the way.


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Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty




Sabrina’s day off that week happened to fall on New Year’s Eve. Usually, even on her days off, she’d come in to work just to check on how things are going. When she said the shelter was her life, it certainly was 24/7. She didn’t mind because being around the animals gave her purpose. A reason for get……