Can you love me

Fatima Zaidi Fantasy

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"I am fatal. Everything I touch crumbles to ashes right in front of me and the images of those I 'accidentally' kill haunt me, will always haunt me. I am made to be feared, I am made to be hated...and then he came along. He should fear my touch but this time it was I who was scared of proximity and his life."

Annalise Curtin is cursed with a touch that kills which leaves her lonely. She is sent to Bellatord Academy of Survival Skills and Knightship, to train as a Knight by her family. At the academy she kept away from her fellow students as she is lethal and short tempered.
Guilt ridden Annalise has sworn never to get close to people but all her defences face grave danger when witty and charming, Jayden Wallace compete with her for Knights Championship. She is dangerous but he is unbeatable.

Is curse and Annalise's unfriendly attitude enough to keep determined Jayden away? Because what she doesn't know yet is, what Jayden wants, Jayden gets...Can he love what everyone else fears?


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