Diagnosis: Gay

David O. Sullivan LGBT+

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"Japanese doctor Arthur rents out a spare room in his apartment to Xander, a sexy and younger construction worker who wears women’s panties even though he claims to be straight. Despite his instance that he isn’t gay, Xander still tosses random smiles and winks Arthur’s way.

After a long day of work, Xander comes home late and tired. Both men admit to being horny, and Arthur jokes about slipping into the shower with Xander. A smile, wink, and an unlocked bathroom door provide the perfect invitation. But is Xander really ready? Or will he let social mores kill what could be a wonderful experience for them both?"


Tags: BxB
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Chapter 6

Arthur awoke Saturday morning to a songbird’s chirps. He checked the clock radio. It showed nine A.M. Xander slept with his back to Arthur, and Arthur palmed his morning wood. Peace oozed through him, and he hoped Xander would also awaken in a calm mood. Moving to the other side of the bed, he knelt close to his new lover.

“Xander.” No r……