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The day my car accidentally hit a man, I was in a panic to rush to the clinic, that man was a mad man without a memory, a name, or family, I took him in out of guiltiness, falling in love with him wasn't part of my planned life, I hated myself for wanting him despite him being a crazy person.

One day all hell was let loss when he vanished out of my life.

My whole world was shattered, I was a mess without redemption, until I bumped into Alexander clan.

Everything was so damn wrong, He was sinfully handsome and hot but what was definitely impossible was that I knew him, how could he be the same man i was in love with and took in.

The playboy billionaire who most girls fantasied about and wanted to f**k!!

My life was a rollercoaster of emotions.


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41. Mike

Cian's p.o.v

"You fucking bastard." Alex spat while he drove his car.

"You couldn't even say good morning to me," I whispered.

"No way am I doing that, how could you have forgotten that we were meeting Mike yesterday?" he asked loudly.