An Ember's Touch

M. Harris Suspense/Thriller

36 reads

(21 and over, certain Explicit Chapters)

When Kassandra Folks gets pulled into her brother's mess, she didn't expect to be spending time with Loan Shark Sebastian Klause. Nor did she expect losing her virginity to him. She soon learns her brother is running deeper than he's leading on, messing with a massively underground organization that is known as the System.

As stubborn as strategic, Sebastian can't help but be intoxicated by this woman. But as she presses to get closer to him, Sebastian builds walls to keep her out of his world and away from the System. Before they know it, they're bending their ways find and darker secrets about each other. But can they survive as the world around them is turning into ashes.


Tags: murderrevengepossessivesubmissivebadboydramatwistedbetrayalfirst lovepunishment
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