The Heartless Alpha

Aphrodisiaca Vampire/Werewolf

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Kohen is what you call the selfish, heartless, insensitive and cruel. He had various other names that they called him, but what made him the Heartless Alpha, was his cold exterior and the way treated others around, like he didn't care. Like he was the only person, but you could say it changed when a certain someone showed up in his life...or not.
"You want a mate that will love you? Hug you? Kiss you? Cheer you up? Mark you? Mate you? I'm not that mate."


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   Just when Kohen slashed at a demons throat, he felt such an immense agony, that he fell to his knees. The pain travelled from his head to his toes, it felt like he was being paralyzed. His only thought was Lilac. Even with the pain still hugging him, he forced himself up panting as if there was shield……