Chained To The Mafia

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Gabrielle lives the perfect life, that is until she's forced to marry a dangerous criminal in order to save her family.

Ryder Romano is the heir to the American Mafia, a misunderstood and damaged criminal, who is secretly holding out hope to find true love.

He's ruthless, dangerous and cunning.

She's sweet, kind and innocent.

What will happen when a deal brokered beeen their families leads to these o opposite souls being forced into a marriage they both don't want?

"Gabi, what the hell are you doing?" I said through gritted teeth, knowing exactly where her hands were going.

"I wanna play." She whispered seductively.

Order of series:
1. Chained To Him
2. Chained To The Mafia
3.Chained Lovers

[ Can be read as a stand-alone ]
-Mature sexual content
- Content conta violence, torture,


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