Taming The Dragon

Emma Mountford Romance

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Dewi - When she left me she left me broken.
I should have followed her, made her come home but how could I when I lost everything the moment she flew away?
She broke me in a way I could never imagine and now it might just be up to her to put me back together again.

Amelia -Do you know what the worst thing about being mated to a dragon is?
I can tell you straight … it’s the mind link.
I thought it would diminish with some distance but boy was I wrong.
I feel everything he feels and it’s agony. How am I meant to get on with my life when his pain is my pain?
Especially when I’m pretty sure someone may be torturing him.
And no one gets to hurt him …
I might hate him …
But he is mine.
So it looks like I’m going to have to go save the big bad dragon.
Surrendering to him has passed. This time I’ll tame him or leave forever


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