The Dark Knight


Ngy Suspense/Thriller

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‘Well well see who we have here Bosco, sweet Lucy has arrived’ Big Joe leered at her
Bosco snickered and had a burning look in his eyes as they trailed her exposed legs
‘You still owe me for the last gigs…pay up or I won’t dance’ Lucy said to Big Joe as she stood in front of him, her eyes defiant
Big Joe snorted ‘You will dance for me girl’ he said harshly, coming close to her to grab her roughly but she stepped back
She looked around observing his loud friends sitting at the middle of the bar, obviously waiting for their entertainment and right there she decided she won’t do this again, not tonight, not for free. She walked out on them and was heading out by the back door when she heard heavy footsteps behind her and she quickened her steps
‘You walk away from this and you won’t live long enough to regret it Lucy’ Big Joe threatened in a cold voice as he caught up with her
She spun around and faced him, just as he lunged at her
‘I guess your time is up then’ Jerry sneered, punching him hard on his face
Big Joe winced in pain, turning to look around his messed up tavern ‘You better finish me up boy otherwise you will live to regret it’ he spat out, his face bleeding from the blows received
Jerry, a notorious badboy rescues the exotic damsel-in-distress Lucy from Joe, a crime kingpin and love ensues. When a surprise visitor from the past shows up, their future is filled with heart pumping intrigues...
Enjoy the unfolding drama and where it takes Jerry and Lucy in this Romance-Suspense /Thriller story...The Dark Knight© by NGY© (Copyrighted)


Tags: billionairerevengelove-trianglekidnapopposites attractbadboygangsterdramabxgrealistic earth
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