The Dark Knight


Ngy Suspense/Thriller

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‘Well well Big Joe, I guess your time is up then’ Jerry sneered, walking to him and punching him hard on his face
Big Joe looked up at him and around his messed up tavern and shot him a glare ‘You better finish me up boy otherwise you will live to regret it’ he spat out, his face bleeding from the blows already received
Lucy stirred and sat up, her eyes on the burning tavern and eliminated foes. She quivered and drew close to Jerry, who wrapped his arm around her
‘You did this all for me?’ she murmured, eyes misty as she looked up at her dark knight, her defender
‘Yes my queen’ Jerry bent down and placed a kiss on her temple
‘Thank you my knight’ she whispered
Jerry, a notorious badboy meets Lucy, an exotic damsel-in-distress and love ensues. When a surprise visitor from the past shows up, their future is filled with heart pumping intrigues...Enjoy the unfolding drama and where it takes Jerry and Lucy in this Romance-Suspense /Thriller story...The Dark Knight© by NGY© October 2020 (Copyrighted).


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Karen’s eyes widened and flickered to the door, she gulped on seeing the two men and Archer broke the kiss, turning slightly to look at the men walking in