Unbreak Me

Imaan00 Romance

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Leroy High––my personal hell.
In our school, the system is different and rules have been set from the first day.
Who set them, you must be wondering. So maybe I should enlighten you.
It’s the three ridiculously good-looking, filthy rich and incredibly rude guys.
They think they rule over the school just because all girls fawn over them and guys want to be them.
I hate all three of them.
Especially Zayn.
As children, we used to be best friends. Until the day everything around me came crashing down and I had to leave.
Now I’m back.
And this time, I’m different.
Just how different, you’re about to find out. . .


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Shock had me standing motionless. 

“Ammar,” I whispered and his head turned toward me, a slow grin crawling up his lips.

I willed myself to walk forward but it was like I was physically incapable. Mom and Dad stared at me expectantly. As if I was supposed to run forward and hug Ammar like this was a movie and w……