The boy who stole her heart

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Five years is a long time for change. It is said that change is unavoidable. Also not all the time change is good. And marriage brings a lot of change. But weddings are supposed to be fun occasion right?! 

Definitely no fun in her life.Five years ago they were best friends and from then inseparable lovers until destiny decided to separate them. He left her all alone, leaving her in agony and tears. With shattered dreams and broken heart she managed to emerge from the pain like a phoenix. Then he comes back. 
Will she be able to forgive him? Or will he be forever the boy who stole her heart? 


Tags: BillionaireLove-trianglePossessiveSecond ChancePowerfulBossAssistantComedyBxG
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After two years

"Dad! That is so not fair!" I huffed and pouted giving him a glare while he just shrugged at me and gave my mother a smile.

And my mother returns the smile. He always does this and it is so annoying.

He picked the ……