Wake Up Beside Him [completed]

Isabelle Sweet Romance

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He opened his eyes and saw the woman he just met last night. He never thought of a one night stand before, but it was not bad to see her as soon as he opened his eyes.

One night stand? He wouldn't think so.

She had a beautiful name.

She looked prettier without any makeup.

It would be good to see her every morning.

I really need a hostess in this house of 180 square metres. He thought. 


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Chapter 10 – Meet the Parents

A few days later, David drove himself and Michelle to visit his parents. She was nervous, of course. But she tried not to show it to David. She dressed up nicely for the occasion, in a mid-length white, cotton dress with embroidered flowers, and her curly hair was tamed into a bun.

As they arrived, they pulled up into the yard which had hi……