The Glass Oath

Huz Fantasy

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In a world divided in four kingdoms, people are traded upon talents. The girls are supposed to do anything under a roof while boys steps outside the world and fight in the Tournament that promises a heavy price.

under these restrictions, a father trains his daughter, Flame to be a fighter to compete in the Tournament utterly forbidden for girls. When Flame steps in the men's world, she comes to know how badly she has to go to win the Tournament as she is a girl and NO ONE wants her to win.


Tags: ActionAdventureMurderLove-triangleSuicideSystemOpposites AttractArrogantGoodgirlKickass HeroinePrinceDrama
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I trudge with my father leading the path through the forest. His posture remains straight even though he in his late fifties. I look back and see girls wearing pretty clothes and standing in the never ending lines ready to be traded and sold.

'What happens when King Croesus finds out about me?' I ask dad who cuts a loose branch off the t……