Seduction of a Werewolf


Kimberly D Teague Fantasy

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Sinclair is a beautiful young bartender who has a thing for bad boys and bad girls. Sinclair has a best friend named Jess. Jess and Sinclair had known each other since grade school. They became best friends and throughout high school had become more than friends. Sinclair and Jess eventually split, but always stayed super close. No matter who the other person was dating, they still stayed friends with benefits. Jess was a bartender at the bar before Sinclair started working there. She knew the owner well and had him hire Sinclair when she turned 18 to work the grill during daytime hours, then once she turned 21, she became a bartender. After a year Jess quit the job and left Sinclair by herself. Her life is turned around after she meets Joey. A quiet, conservative young guy with a bad streak.
At first, Joey is everything that she could ever want but after being with Joey for 2 years he starts to change. Sinclair and Joey decide they want to spice up their relationship with Sinclair’s absolute best friend, Jess. After the threesome, Joey becomes violent. He starts to stalk her, watching every move she makes. After getting sick of the abuse, Sinclair finally gets enough courage to leave Joey and finds herself in a domestic violence shelter for women. Sinclair chooses to stay at the bar and continue working, she quickly realizes that it was a big mistake. Joey starts harassing her, following her around, and eventually, it gets even worse.
Now with Joey harassing her at work, following her every move, and making threats to her, she decides that it was time to leave the bar and make a new life for herself after multiple failed attempts to have him arrested.
Angel, Sinclair's sister finds out that she is at the shelter and asks Sinclair to come to stay at her beach house and take care of it while she is on a business trip for a few months. She makes Sinclair an offer that she can't refuse, free housing and payment for taking care of her home. Little does Sinclair know that her life is about to be turned upside down after she meets Angel's handyman Ryker who just so happens to be a werewolf who is into bondage.


Tags: darktwistedbisexualmoonlightwerewolvesfemale leadseductive
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Chapter 88 (The end)

    Ryker didn't take very long to pack his clothes and his medical bag. Before I knew it he was walking back down the stairs with his things in tow. "Well, everything is packed," he half-smiled. Ryker walked over to me and grabbed ahold of my hand and asked me to stand up. "Sinclair, I have enjoyed getting to know you and sp……


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