A Beautiful Mistake

Ashira Scarlet Romance

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Tough and brave, SAPPHIRE COLLINS never backs down from any challenges in life. She never lets bullies get into her. Intelligent and wise, she tops in college and excels in academics, getting very high grades.

Fearless and smart, she never used these elements, her toughness and brain, one time when she let her heart win over her mind. She feels stupid for falling with a playboy named Sky Theo Butler.

Twenty- three year old, SKY BUTLER is an ordinary guy, but not your ordinary ideal guy. He has almost everything— fortune, luxury, fame and women. He is rich, intelligent and devilishly handsome, but an ultimate Casanova. He plays around with girls, sleeps with them and breaks their heart after. This is what he is known for.

Who might have known that the Casanova has a heart too?

What if one Sapphire Sapphire just wakes up in his bed and realized that she slept with the ultimate Heartbreaker?


How will Sky react when he finds out that he has a baby?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveOne-night StandOpposites AttractPlayboyBadgirlCEOBossDramaBxG
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I couldn't sleep, no matter how hard I tried. I switched on different positions on my bed, but something was bothering me. I did close my eyes, counted to ten, imagined about fairy tales. They were no use because my mind was not at ease.

"Damn it." I blew out a breath as I stuck my head……