A Damaged Heart Still Beats

Shelby Dawn Holt Fantasy

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Realization hits me about the same time dad throws Toma across the yard. He jumped up only to be grabbed by Cali in her attempt to save him from my father’s rage. Dad looked her in the face and finally yelled, “GET THE f**k OFF OF MY PROPERTY AND TAKE YOUR ASSHOLE SON WITH YOU!” Needless to say, the next move Toma makes only fuels dad’s anger. As he flinches like he’s going to hit my dad, I grab his hand and throw him to the ground and as I go down with him Cali kicks me. THE b***h KICKS ME!!! WHATTHEFUCK???!! The last thing I see is the look of pure terror on her face as my bones crunch and crack to reshape themselves into a whole other being.
Catori is just a normal girl living a normal tortured teenage high school life. Like most 18-years-olds, she does have her share of romance and family struggles but she never imagined her life would take the turn that it is.
Will she become a successful adult? Can she handle such a drastic change in her wallflower type of life? Will she get her happily ever after?
Wondering where she will go from high school with her new knowledge she can only hope to be able handle her crazy and ever changing world.


THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Although its form is near that of an autobiography it isn't one. Time and space have been rearranged to suit the convenience of the story, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental. the opinions expressed are those of the characters and shouldn't be confused with that of the author. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Thank you


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