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"Shoot," your voice faltered the moment the jacket hugged your whole figure, it being twice your body size made everyone of your members scream in panic.

"Lisa where is your cardigan?"

"That definitely isn't yours!"

"Oh my God, Lili!"

Before you can even respond, the production manager came in eyeing everyone of you warily.

"Girls, you need to go to the stage in one minute,"

"Fuck," you whispered as you felt a few pair of hands pushing you guys so you can go to the stage.


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Lisa's POV

"Lisa if you don't follow in a minute I swear I'll ask Namjoon to make sure Jungkook don't get to see you later," I heard Jisoo unnie threatening me while I fix my shoelace. Crouching just a little, I gave her my most innocent facial expression. 

She's too excited to go home. I wonder wh……