Secretly Married to the Billionaire


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Being his Wife, was his darkest Secret.


Young and beautiful Tamara Harolds is married to Geoffrey Montagnier, but only to the eyes of some people they knew.

But Geoff wanted their marriage to keep secret.

“Why?” she sobbed as she asked her husband.

Geoff looked at her with a violent reaction, his green-eyes glaring in her direction. And at that moment, Tamara should have not dared to ask her husband about his reasons.

“Because I loved someone else! And you are the reason that I couldn’t give her my name anymore! Why I couldn’t marry her anymore!” he hissed.

We lived on the same roof yet I can't reach him.

He has his eyes yet he can’t see the love I can give.

I own his name but not his heart.

But what truly hurts, I am his wife but I am his darkest secret.


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Chapter 26



“Really, Tam? Kindly invite your friend to come here,” Pauleen's attention was not the only thing I got, as well as all of them. They were obviously waiting for me to answer.


“Well, uhmm- there is but--”


“Haven’t you met each other earlier? Your close friend?……