Siberian Wolf


Saintc LGBT+

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Not everyone has a mate, and this is the reality of Alek Kuznetsov.

On his eighteenth birthday instead of feeling the pull and yearning for a mate, Alek's spirit felt dead. Confusion and depression drove him out of his Siberian wolf clan to seek something to fill the void. Now thirty-five and a seasoned traveler Alek finds himself stranded when the lowlands of Alberta are being cleared for the building of industrial warehouses.

He decides to seek help in the nearest pack settlement in Peace River.

As he pleads for help Alek locks eyes with the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Ahote is someone else's mate. Ahote was just twenty-four, and Ahote had a son and place in his clan. There was no way Alek could get him to love a foreign rogue like himself, but would it hurt to try?


Tags: betaomegadramabxbmxbbisexual
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Chapter Thirty


     A scream rang through the packhouse, and I could feel the blond hairs on my arms stand up. My first thought was to get up, but the look the other wolves in the room were giving me told me I wouldn't be able to make it through the door.

     "It'll be over soon," Aponi said, grasping my h……


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