Silent Truth

Rubama Hossain (Random Pony Girl) Suspense/Thriller

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Exactly what happens when 5 minor detectives are hired to solve a case? Who's on the case, a double agent, two drunkards or maybe someone else? But after he's found it's not the end because the real question is: Who kidnapped him and why?


Tags: PossessiveIslamHinduArrogantNerdBadgirlKickass HeroineTragedyTwisted
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Chapter 9

After School, the entire squad gave me an entire heads up on what I missed and tried to calm me down telling me to "stay away from the dogs and I'll just lead in the front" Which did actually sound good, maybe I'll actually survive this last investigation.

No one had any clue how long this investigation was gonna be so we all meet up in RM……