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"f**k! Samantha your f*****g tight as hell! I can barely move!" Me and Samantha were in my bed rolling around, naked. Sweat clung to our bodies and no matter how long we went at it or how many orgasms we had we never stopped. It was a never ending sexcapade.

I was pounding into her from behind against the wall of my shower feeling her clench around me harder I groaned. The hot water beating my back was scorching me slightly but I didn't mind . I threw my head back as I felt the familiar warm sensation snake up my spine. Then she came with a soft scream.

Samantha Hart is just coming to town after managing to get away from her controlling money hungry mother and rich asshole stepfather. When she gets to her new town she meets Tyler Smith. A sexy mechanic that makes her feel sexy and desierable.

When the two try and stroke the flame they find out adruptly that Samantha is Tyler's boss' daughter. Not wanting to cross a line, both agree to ignore their moment and pretend nothing happened. But what happens when they can't seem to resist?


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Samantha was all kinds of pissed that Tyler had gone to meet Ansel without at least telling her. But she knew it was mostly pregnancy hormones making her act irrational and decided he had done what was best for him. So she sucked it up and bit her tongue. 

"So did you two hash everything out?" Tyler shrugged softly as he finished dryi……


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